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consultancy services

Logmar Camera Solutions provides consultancy services primarily in relation to camera design.

We have a vast expertise of advanced film and drive train mechanics and a track record of success.

Typically, we work in a co-operation with a third party wanting to design their own product from product definition to finished product.

Our typical tasks involve CAD drawing, documentation and conception as well as prototyping and refinement.

We do not aim at being the production apparatus for the third party but rather a trusted design and services partner.

Our headquarters in Frederikshavn, Denmark holds extensive camera testing equipment and small batch manufacturing capabilities and we do all our R&D in house for both mechanics, electronics and firmware and outsource the actual metal manufacturing to trusted local companies who among others also manufacture for PhaseOne.


The Logmar S-8 (Chatham) camera took us 4 months to design and 7 months to build the first lot delivered directly to customers in Europe and USA.
The Logmar S-8 (Humboldt) camera was an OEM product sold to a third party build from a joint PRD effort which took us 3 months to design, 4 months to build and were approved by the customer for image quality and stress tests after further refinement by us some four months later giving it a total design cycle of less than a year.
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