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The Magellan 65mm camera is available for rental from January 2021
Please get in contact with us to enquire more.

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Rodolfo Zitellini
Chief Technology Officer

My lifelong passions are embedded computer systems and film photography. The opportunity and the challenge to work with my colleagues at Logmar is more than a dream come true. With our small yet dedicated and talented team we are set on full course to marry traditional film photography and modern computer technology, making it an appealable modern product.

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Tommy Madsen
Chief Executive Officer

Being a small team, the Magellan project pushed all our boundaries and grew us not only as a company but also as a team all striving towards perfection through the various phases of development through to manufacturing and I’m extremely proud of my team’s accomplishments.

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Orla Nielsen
Product test manager, DP DFF

The Magellan is with its passion a true gift for the story teller. Especially the electronic view-finder which gives both the instructor and the DP a set of new creative possibilities. It seamlessly marries together the best digital features with the analog format allowing you to expand the movie language and expression.