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30 th of April 2018
Logmar Camera Solutions is proud to announce the Magellan 65mm film camera.

The industry’s most advanced and easiest to operate 65mm film camera producing razor sharp imaging with widely accessible Carl Zeiss lenses and sporting the lowest weight and size in its class designed to go places 65mm has never gone before.
The film media is entirely unique, there’s no better way to tell a story than on analog film. It’s visual strength and dynamic spaciousness hits our emotions like no other media. All film formats have a unique distinct look and feel, but nothing trumps 65mm with its great panorama’s and intimate close ups.
The Magellan 65 is with its passion, a true gift for the story teller. Especially the new electronic viewfinder in either full HD or 4K UHD as well as its weight and size gives the cinematographer and director completely new creative possibilities.
We have taken the best features from the digital cameras and married them with the best from the analog camera world giving us an opportunity to further develop the film language.
In a time with increasingly many offerings beyond the cinema such as streaming services, it’s ever so important to strengthen the cinema experience where films are best seen and preferably in 70mm which sells more tickets than the digital versions of the same film.
Meet us and our newest family member on the CineGear Expo in Los Angeles May 31st to June 3rd
Tommy Lau Madsen
Chief Executive Officer
Office: +45 9398 0850
Logmar Camera Solutions IVS
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DK-9900 Frederikshavn
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Rodolfo Zitellini
Chief Technology Officer

My lifelong passions are embedded computer systems and film photography. The opportunity and the challenge to work with my colleagues at Logmar is more than a dream come true. With our small yet dedicated and talented team we are set on full course to marry traditional film photography and modern computer technology, making it an appealable modern product.

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Tommy Madsen
Chief Executive Officer

Being a small team, the Magellan project pushed all our boundaries and grew us not only as a company but also as a team all striving towards perfection through the various phases of development through to manufacturing and I’m extremely proud of my team’s accomplishments.

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Orla Nielsen
Product test manager, DP DFF

The Magellan is with its passion a true gift for the story teller. Especially the electronic view-finder which gives both the instructor and the DP a set of new creative possibilities. It seamlessly marries together the best digital features with the analog format allowing you to expand the movie language and expression.