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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
65mm reinvented
The Logmar Magellan 65mm camera is with its passion for detail and technique a true gift for the storyteller. The light weight and shoulder worn camera can go places never thought possible and it’s electronic viewfinder allows modern and creative possibilities for both the cinematographer and director.

Weighing in at less than 15kg’s (33lbs) in a ready to shoot configuration including lens, 500ft of film and battery the camera frees you to explore new angles and possibilities with or without steady-cam, making the camera point of view the center of the scene.


The camera uses a Logmar proprietary dual registration unit allowing easy cleaning of the gate while registering (as the only camera in the industry) the center of the currently exposed frame for ultimate sharpness.

First motion picture project

The Magellan 65 was featured on Christopher Nolan’s Tenet movie.

First prototype test footage

Test footage from the very first prototype camera color graded by Cullen McFater

first award:

The Magellan won the International Moving Image Society’s technical achievement award in 2019 for its innovation.